Shortcut repeatedly prompting for permission

I have a shortcuts issue on 17.4 beta. I am not sure whether the issue sits with the shortcuts app or one of the other apps I am referencing.

I am taking data from the Remainders app and pushing it to a Pushcut widget using the “Update Widget” action.

When the shortcut is run it prompts for permission …
Allow “Update Remainder Widgets” to share 1 date, 1 text item, and user event with “Pushcut”? Previously, this shortcut was allowed to share 1 Remainders item with “Pushcut”.

I select Always Allow, which permits the shortcut to run successfully to completion. However, next time I run the shortcut it prompts for permission again.

This shortcut is run on my PushCut server. Needless to say, when it prompts for permission it stops the server running.

Is this a shortcuts issue that I should log with Apple, or a problem with one of the apps I am referencing?

I’m pretty sure I’ve been experiencing this same issue on 17.4 betas too. So maybe it’s a bug, and should be reported.