Shortcut: QR Master

I was showing my nephews SS, and they came up with a QR code generator and started spamming me with QR codes. So, I decided to make a reader as well that didn’t require me to save the image, pull it up on a computer/different device and then scan it.

It seems there are two crucial steps to accomplishing this

  1. Finding a free API that can read QR codes
  2. Finding a free API that allows me to upload files arbitrarily without an account and give me a public link

After some searching, I finally found the right combination

What this SS does is asks if you want to create or read. Create is pretty simple. Read however, asks where the image is (clipboard or browse) and uploads it to, gets a link back from that and sends it over to the qr api to be read.

Pretty sure QR Codes are outdated and no one uses them anymore, but this was neat enough that I thought to share it.

Available in the Automators FM Gallery Thread