[Shortcut] Profile Switcher

Profile Switcher 2.2

This shortcut allows you to configure and switch between profiles. A profile is a combination of toggles, brightness, volume settings and a list of other shortcuts.

You can customize the example profiles provided or make your own.

How to use

You can use this in two different ways:

  1. By itself, tap Profile Switcher on the today widget and it will prompt you to choose a profile. It then switches to that profile
  2. As a module that you call from another shortcut. Example, before (or after) your morning routine shortcut, pass the name of the profile to it and it will automatically switch to that profile. If you’re using Launch Center Pro, you can use it to make location/time triggers to switch to a selected profile.


Aside from the profiles, this shortcut also contains some settings to customize further.

  • UseExternalList : If you used an earlier version, you might already have setup your custom profiles. Set this value to True if you want to load a list of profiles from another shortcut.

It is recommended to use this so that your custom profiles remain even if a new version of Profile Switcher is released.

  • ExternalList: then name of the shortcut containing your profiles. This shortcut must contain only 1 action which is a dictionary object of your profiles.
  • ConfirmExecShortcuts: if you added a list of shortcuts to be executed during the profile switch, this setting is to prompt you to confirm before running each shortcut.

Example Profiles

  • Power Saver: DND[on], LowerPower[on], Bluetooth[off], Cellular[on], Wifi[on], Airplane[off], Volume[0.10], Brightness[0.0]
  • Binge Watch: DND[on], LowPower[off], Bluetooth[off], Cellular[on], Wifi[on], Airplane[off], Volume[1.0], Brightness[1.0], Shortcuts[Open Netflix]

Stay Updated
If you want to be updated for newer releases of this shortcut, download the UpdateKit shortcut. It’s not required to use Profile Switcher but I recommend it not only for this but for your own shortcuts as well.

I hope you find this useful.

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