Shortcut: Overcast Upload (local audio + YouTube)

I made an Overcast Upload shortcut that does a few things:
• Running the shortcut directly to launch the iCloud drive file picker for audio files (single or multiple selection)
• Running as a share sheet target for an audio file in any app
• Running as a share sheet target for a YouTube video (will download and convert the video to audio in the shortcut)

It’s incorporates some previous work I found on these forums as well as my own work to make it a single tap and I wanted to post my additions. (YouTube audio to Overcast)

I hope people find it useful.


Wow. I’ve long wanted a way to upload with shortcuts. Thank you.

OK, this is awesome. Thanks!

I’m hoping that Marco will add this to Overcast directly, but in the meantime, this is great to have.

At the risk of seeming ungrateful or greedy, could you explain how to do this in a shell script? I’d love to be able to automate uploading to Overcast from my Mac.

I tried looking at the code but it kind of lost me. I’m fairly sure that curl can do what you’re doing in the shortcut, but it looks like a multi-step process? First you have to login and then get some kind of token?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey! I found a shell script on GitHub that seems to do exactly what I was asking for. I’d looked before but hadn’t found it, but I’m glad I double-checked.


Unfortunately it seems to end with an error, so it doesn’t actually work :frowning:

Yeah, I actually wrote this as a shell script using curl to prototype it and then converted it to Shortcuts. I’d be happy to dig up those files, but I’ll need to take a bit of time to clean them up by removing all my personal data.

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Awesome! Thanks. I’m trying to piece it together by looking at your Shortcut and the github script, but I’m not getting it so far.

I did open an issue on the github repo for the shell script, but I’m not sure if it’s still something they are maintaining.

Thanks again!

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I added to my repo. I ended up borrowing some of the logic from the repo you linked, but I tried to clean it up to make it more readable. Let me know if that works for you.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it. I’ve got a Mac that automatically records some podcasts when they record live, so being able to send them right to Overcast after they are over will be great!

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I made a small improvement (imho): I added two import questions so you are prompted to enter your account credentials right away and do not have to search for the right text fields in the action list

Edit: Thanks for creating the Shortcut btw. It was exactly what I needed!

The original should have import questions for those values:

I’m glad it’s working for you. :grin:

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I didn’t get those questions prompted but maybe it’s a iOS 13.1 beta thing.

Hey @Tjluoma I was also looking for a way to do this on macOS and found that:

That could be tangled with a YouTube-dl/ffmpeg command for stripping the audio and uploading.

Looks like I’ve got a fancy weekend project to do!

I forgot about this. I’ve been using cloudy-uploader to upload to Overcast. It works great, and securely stores your Overcast credentials in Keychain.