Shortcut: Mail to OF + Favorite Shortcuts

I’m looking for a Shortcut that will take an email and then it in to an action in Omnifocus with a link in the notes field back to the email


What are your favorite Siri Shortcuts for OmniFocus, Fantastical, Drafts and Day One?

Pretty sure you need the share sheet to pass e-mail information on. I don’t use the inbuilt mail app, but a quik check and I don’t see a share sheet for e-mail messages.

Have you got a starting point already for getting some sort of link to your e-mail messages, or are you using a different e-mail client app?


I know that I could just use a different mail app. But I just prefer the stock mail app on iOS and Mac. So I was just curious if there was a way to do this at all :blush: