[Shortcut] Lottery Quick Pick 2.0

I present to you all Lottery Quick Pick 2.0. First version posted here.

Quick Rundown: This is currently based off the games in South Carolina

  • Chooses random numbers based on the game type, displays in a notification

  • Tracks the generated numbers on a .txt file on iCloud Drive for later viewing of the history of your selected numbers per game type

  • Creates a reminder one hour prior to the live drawing

  • Allow viewing of the most current drawings on the web

New in 2.0

  • Now a single reminder created so that user doesn’t have to mark multiple reminders completed. Downside, chosen numbers aren’t reflected in the notes section anymore but always accessible via the shortcut by running it and choosing view previously chosen numbers.

  • Now attempts to place selected numbers in order from lowest to highest. Have seen some instances where this isn’t 100% but works majority of the time

  • Able to view the total amount of times each number has been selected for each game. Give you an idea which numbers are the most popular amongst your selection. Thanks to @thatMatan and /u/JoeReally

  • Requires Number Count shortcut to achieve this. Found here

  • Uses UpdateKit and hosted on RoutineHub

Goal for next release:

  • Bring back the selected numbers to be displayed, but in a single reminder rather than multiple reminders. Ex. Played 5 tickets for pick 3? Individual reminder should display all your picks in the notes section.

  • Incorporate games from other states

Shortcut Download


Nice work! Can you post the iCloud link so I can add it to the gallery post?