Shortcut jumping back to Shortcuts

Hello! I guess this is a simple problem to solve but I can’t figure out how: I’d like to use some of Agenda’s x-callback-url like open agenda view or a certain project. This part works perfectly and as expected but it instantly jumps back to the shortcuts application when the url has been opened… I don’t have this issue when using other app’s callback-urls like Devonthink.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Please share your shortcut.

It’s just a guess, but you probably want to use Open URL rather than Open X-callback URL. It is possible the other apps you have used only implement URL schemes rather than a ‘full’ x-callback-url scheme, hence they don’t have the callback functionality to do the return bit.

I built it as a “sub-shortcut” which I can employ in a different more extensive shortcut:

Ok - try my recommendation above as it seems you are using the Open X-callback URL action throughout; which should do exactly what you describe is occurring, but is not your preferred result. You just want to trigger the URL, not the URL with a callback.

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Yep. Works perfectly fine, thank you! So callback always jumps back to Shortcuts? And if not, the app (in this case Devonthink) has implemented it wrongly (or at least not as intended)?

Not exactly. URL schemes are one thing, whereas x-callback URL scheme functionality is maybe best described as a further enhancement or extension to a URL scheme.

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