Shortcut help with Messages

I am trying to create a shortcut where I choose multiple recipients from a list. For example, If I want to text my wife and two sons (in the same message) I select their names, and messages pops up and all three names are populated in the “To” field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are your recipients a specific group in contacts?

yes. At least they will be.

Maybe something like this then?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I get the error message: “Conversion Error Send message failed because Shortcuts couldn’t convert from text to contact, phone number, or email address.” Any ideas?

The send message is set for two inputs. The first is text that you enter. The message to send. The second is the set of contacts chosen from the contacts list. The magic variable for that is set as contacts, and is taken from a list of contacts. As such there should be no conversion unless you have changed something in the shortcut; though obviously you have likely changed the group filter on the first action.

When I run the shortcut it allows me to successfully select one or more entries to select who to message and enter a message to send. Assuming you haven’t fundamentally amended the shortcut, all I can suggest at this point is to test with a few different single contacts in case there is an issue with the data.