Shortcut help - Share Overcast episode to Day One

I’m pretty frustrated because sometime in the past month, my Siri Shortcut stopped working that did basically everything I wanted it to do.
I want it to

  • Share a podcast episode from Overcast
  • Grab the show artwork
  • Format some text that will go over to Day One

Somehow my shortcut got corrupted or maybe I just rearranged the order of stuff, but now it doesn’t work. I’ll show what the output of it looked like and share a link to the shortcut that’s broken.

If anyone can help me with this, I’d be SOOOO grateful. I don’t know how I got it working before, but now I’m even more confused at how to get it operating right again.

Thanks in advance.
Broken shortcut
Image of previously saved Day One entry

Looking at the shortcut I’ve been able to get the image back in, as it was not linked to the URL content anymore, but I don’t know what else you would need to put in.
I’ve cleaned it up a bit, maybe you can add anything you want back in yourself?

Thank you very much @JKoopmans. That now helps me understand how to grab references from the split text box. One more question.

How do you get the multiple variables/content into the final Day One action. I’m thinking that that action changed in iOS 13 from when I initially wrote it and somehow I’m not seeing how to insert something in the middle. Tapping on the blue area selects the whole text and doesn’t allow me to edit its content without replacing the whole thing.

Thanks again.

You should be able to change anything you want in the blue area. It is basically just a text box. I usually tap near the bottom and navigate from there using my ipad’s external keyboard (easier with arrow keys)

Ok, but is there a way to put in a carriage return? I want to make actual new lines and instead of a return key, you just get Done. The other option I’m considering is using a Text action that passes its output to the new Day One entry.

In the Day one field you mean? I would think a return in that field is a return in the text as well, but I see what you mean. I just copied in some blank lines from a textfile, and this added line breaks as well. Alternatively a text field above with the items you want to add followed by this DayOne entry option would do as well.

Here is another possible option. You can modify the text in the Text action. May be a bit easier

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@jayelevy Thank you very much. I think prepping the contents in the Text box makes it a lot easier to format the contents than all out of the Day One action. I’m surprised that it got down to so few actions. I appreciate your help.

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