Shortcut help - Dictionaries and Airtable

Hi All,

Finding some issues in retrieving data from an airtable database.

In my Airtable database I have 3 columns “AIR_name”, “AIR_email” and “AIR_company”

I’m building this shortcut to be able to:

  1. Ask for name
  2. search in Airtable and if name is found retrieve the fields names, email and company.

Is this at all possible?

Also, I understand that shortcuts introduced a new way of searching within Dictionaries, so I’m wandering whether there’s an easy way of doing this shorcut to avoid the “get var fields” -> “get dictionary values” -> set variable sequences…


PS - I guess it would be much easier with Python…only if I knew how to code :grinning:

It would help to provide a link to the actual shortcut. One quick observation from the screenshot is it seems you are not invoking the Airtable API. That is, unless the URL string is part of your API key text box. — jay


The first text box that says in my shortcut is my actual API.

Ok. It may be helpful to post the URL you are using. Just substitute your API key with a dummy value.

I trust you are using the Airtable filterByFormula API call

Without more information it will be quite difficult to offer assistance

Here is an example shortcut that you can build from:

Assumes a table name of AIR_records

Column headers of AIR_name, AIR_email, AIR_company

Edit: left off quick look at end of workflow. This example updated to include


Thanks @jayelevy that’s exactly what I was looking for!!

I’ve noticed name, email and company were in one text box and stored in one variable.

As I need to use in different parts of the shorcuts, I’ve split this as per the pictures. Is there a better way of using independently even if they’re stored in one var?