Shortcut: Get Carrot Weather for Trip

I built this Shortcuts workflow to get the weather forecast for upcoming trips. I hope that you find it helpful! You can use this as-is, or potentially as inspiration to set up a packing list with the name of your trip in your favorite task manager.


  • CARROT Weather
  • Synchronized TripIt Calendar (or other dedicated travel calendar where trips are stored as all-day events)

When you install the workflow, you’ll be prompted to type the name of your TripIt calendar.

What it Does:
The shortcut will look for all-day events in the next 10 days. It will use the location field of the calendar event to look up the location. The location should be in the form of “City, ST”.

Using the workflow, which can be added as a Siri shortcut — e.g., “What’s the weather for my trip?” — you can quickly pull up a forecast in the CARROT Weather app, using that app’s URL scheme.

Click here for instructions on synchronizing your calendar with TripIt.


Nice! Mind if I add it to this list?

Please go ahead! I miss the old Workflows gallery, which made these a bit more discoverable. :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting that list!