Shortcut function to open Apple note in edit mode?

I’ve got a daily Apple note that’s created every morning when my wake up alarm goes off.

Ive got another shortcut on my Home Screen to find and open it for adding notes of my day.

Regardless of whether I use show or append, it always opens the note in read mode and not edit mode (where the keyboard should be visible, with the blinking cursor from the point I left off)

Anyone have any ideas on how I could pass something thru the shortcut to put the note in edit mode as soon as it’s opened?

(Right now I have to tap the checklist function to activate the keyboard, then backspace it out. Just wanted to see if I could remove those extra manual steps)



I think the only way to do something like that which requires gui scripting (not possible on iOS) is to use Voice control. I had fixed a shortcut nice to put the phone to sleep using a similar method. The idea is to turn on voice control, delay, use speak text to speak the command, delay and finally turn off voice control.

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