Shortcut from Apple Watch?

I thought I heard that initiating a shortcut from Apple Watch is back.

I’m on iOS 13.2 and WatchOS 6.1 but I see no indication of how to do this. For example, there’s no sign of a Shortcuts app on or for the watch.

Did I miss or mishear something?

Ideally I’d like to be able to tap on a complication and have it present a palette of shortcuts to choose from.

Sadly the only official way I know of is through Siri - but Pushcut can do this too!

I had a conversation with @sliemeobn about the Pushcut possibility recently. Right now it’s through a webhook and IFTTT - with the latency that involves.

But I’ll try the Siri route as well.

Currently, it is not possible to run shortcuts on the watch from apps.

The way any third-party app is able run anything on iOS is through opening URLs. Even running a shortcut is basically just opening a special URL that tells the Shortcuts app to run a specific shortcut.

WatchOS is extremely limited when it comes to URLs - as far as I know you cannot even open a webpage/Safari on the watch, and most definitely no other app.

So, even if the Shortcuts app came back to the watch, it is very unlikely that third-party watch apps could actually trigger shortcuts :frowning_face:

Web views came to the watch in watchOS 5

yeah, would be nice, but to my knowledge this is not open to app developers… Apple internal only…