Shortcut for Fantastical 3 help

Hi Folks,
Hope everyone is well. Is there a way to build a shortcut to simply open Fantastical 3 in the Full Screen Month view for a specific calendar ?. I had this for Readdle Calendars 5, but it doesn’t seem to work for me for Fantastical 3.

Any help appreciated

Interesting question. Fantastical has a Show Calendar option, but you don’t seem to be able to tell it what view to open in. Likewise, the URL scheme (see the bottom of this page doesn’t have an action with those parameters.

So my assumption is no—you can use Show Calendar in Shortcuts to open a specific calendar, but you can’t open it to the map view.

Happy to be wrong, though!

Thanks Ryan, I found the same limitations myself. Even when I use the show calendar function, for some reason it’s limiting it to only two days of data.

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