Shortcut Email Templates

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am very excited for the Apple Mail updates (I’m waiting for Public Beta to get on that train). Listening to the MPU Live Q&A got me thinking, what else do I want from Apple Mail and the main thing is email templates. I know there are ways to do email templates with drafts and something like Text Expander (I use Alfred for snippets).

I’m wondering if anyone has made any Siri Shortcut Email Templates that you really like? That feels like the right level of what I’m looking for.

I made a SUPER simple one and wondering if there are ways I can improve the complexity of mine - thus would love to see what others have done.

Here is what I have:

  • I can call up my email templates via Raycast trigger (I’m dancing between Raycast and Alfred currently) and select from a list (as you will see it’s a small list currently as I test it out).

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 2.34.19 PM

And then these are basically setting up the email with a subject, cc’d addresses, and text.

It’s really simple at the moment but I’d like to be able to see if I can add more: For instance, I’d like to be able to have rich text, auto grabbing of first names, prompts for adding attachments, etc.

Does any one have something like this they are happy with?


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Maybe not what you’re looking for exactly but I did this which will stop and Ask for a name, multiple choice, date, time, allow optional paragraphs.

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