Shortcut automation

I have an automation that runs every morning at 07:00 to update an email and phone directory in Data Jar. It runs a time-based trigger and I have 4 shortcuts that run. If I run the shortcut manually, it works fine. If I “test” the time automation or if I allow it to run at the scheduled time, it always fails. It says that “Set Value failed because Shortcuts couldn’t convert from Text to .”

This never used to fail and I have ran it daily for about 2 years, but I got a new phone and it has been giving me fits ever since.

I am including screenshots of the error as well as the shortcut, can anyone tell me why it fails when it is triggered automatically?

Maybe take a look at which set is failing and what is being matches against at that point. It looks like some null result is in there.

I do realise it is working okay when run manually vs when scheduled so there’s probably an underlying issue in the triggering rather than the Shortcut, but if more can be figured out about what is going on, then perhaps a workaround can be identified.

I was able to figure it out. When I would get the URL, it was getting it as a type: File instead of Text. Once I switched that it started working great