Shortcut Advent Calendar (in German)

Greetings, fellow Automatistas and Shorcuteros!

I challenged myself to create 24 Shortcuts(-related) tutorials and publish them from Dec 1st until Dec 24, following the tradition of advent calendars: Adventskalender

It is entirely in German, but since at least one forum member is quite fluent in this exotic language, so I dared to post this here. The videos appear at exactly 0:00 CET (GMT+1) on the accompanying YouTube Channel.

With this, I am hoping to inspire Shortcuts newbies to build their personal tools, and present Shortcuts´ abilities (and some quirks) in an entertaining way.

So maybe it´s something for you – or someone you know who is fluent in German? :slight_smile:

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Firefox translation from German to English works perfectly :sweat_smile:

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