Shorcuts: Automation on Timer Stop

I am trying to set up a bunch of Shortcuts for specific pomodoro style timers that set focus for meditation or writing etc. All follow the same principle:

  1. Set timer for 25 minutes (or whatever)
  2. Set the appropriate Focus
  3. (this is where I am stuck) when the timer finishes remove focus

although there are triggers in the Personal Automation that kick in when the Alarm is stopped etc I cannot find anyway of setting a trigger that kicks in when a Timer finishes.

Does anybody have any ideas what I could do?

Many thanks

These examples for an app beta may be of interest.

Thanks as ever @sylumer. There is no trigger for a timer finishing that I can see, but it looks great. I have emailed the developer and asked if it is on his roadmap.

What about the “on complete runs a shortcut”? Is that not such a trigger?

Just checking… as in the article linked by @sylumer, are you on the beta of Just Timers? This is a new feature not yet in the public release.

There is also another app Focused Work that allows pomodoro timers to be set and a Shortcut run as each stage is completed. This does need a subscription or lifetime purchase but it is a really polished app. You can also integrate with Toggl.

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Many thanks @Tony no I’m not on the beta. I’ll check how to do that.

Focussed work looks interesting too, thanks for the info. I think I am getting closer to what I need to do

The beta is available via TestFlight – follow the link in this Tweet from the developer:

He also has tweeted some examples.

I am using the Focused Work app and really like it.

Side Note: I am nothing to do with either app, just a happy user spreading the word!

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Right now there’s no way to use a timer as an automation trigger in Shortcuts, but you could instead set up a shortcut that simultaneously starts a timer for X minutes, and sets a Focus for the same X minutes, so they’ll both end at the same time.

Something like this should do the trick (you can replace Do Not Disturb with whichever Focus you prefer):