Sharing my random scripts, ideas and hacks. (Ex. sound in WebView/Trick Siri)


Hello everyone,

First shout out to Simon for the great app! I like the posts from kopischke and slyumer for different examples of scriptables they have posted (really liked the exports function example)

I’ll bore you after I give this example of what I’m talking about with Sound inside of WebView. If you have the scriptable setup with a Siri shortcut, you can say the command and see a table/webpage/etc on the Siri screen if you have added a webview.

Inside the webview you can run javascript/html/etc but whatever is typically limited to working inside of Safari IOS with is riddled with restrictions. A while ago I ran into some of these restrictions for playing sound automatically for some web VR stuff I was working on, I workaround for it. I tried this same work around for the webview and it worked!

So I recorded me saying “Hey Siri” to see if I could trigger it on the phone, and I worked! I’m uncertain if this will work for other people’s phones because it’s my voice but if you do hear sound then you can try your recording your own voice.

Warning in advanced I have placed this example mp3 on a free cloud service, so if it starts getting hammered by usage I’m going to remove it.

I have other ideas and scripts but will have to get back to that later. I’m sad I missed the last beta testing Simon had, I was a day late lol.


Cool. Thanks for sharing :blush:


Did it work for you? at least hearing the sound? or was it able to trigger Siri as well?


Siri is acting up on my devices right now so I haven’t been able to test it but I like the idea of using the WebView to play audio :blush:


Hey Simon is there any way this could be added for future versions of Scriptable? addText(title: string, subtitle: string, fontsize: number): UITableCell. I’m trying to recreate the weather app using different API endpoints