Share your site with us!

This prompts a thought: we should have a list of people’s site’s or repository’s where they post this kind of thing. Of course, I have Automation Orchard but a list of sites just of members of this fabulous community seems like a great resource!

What will we do with this? Right now you can view the data here:

At some point in the future I hope to add it to a page on the Automators website - though before I do that I’ll have to build in some kind of verification so only forum members can reply to the form :wink:

Someone will ask: Why not just grab the website posted in the profile? Of course, I could do this, but I am a fan of opt in vs opt out. :slight_smile:


Hi. The first box is for “Forum name”…is it meant to be the person’s name though? I just thought about that 15m after filling it in.

The name you use in the forum - I’ll adjust the form to make it clearer.