Share stuff from iOS/iPad OS to popup „in my face“ on the mac

Hey everyone,

What I‘m looking for may sound a bit strange but let me explain: I do come across interesting stuff every day on my iOS/iPad OS devices. About 3-5 links or sometimes PDFs/Images, that I want to explore deeper when I‘m on my Mac next time. Unfortunately i‘m not a very disciplined guy when it comes to reading lists, todo lists and stuff like that. Hence there‘s no real good place to put these links to where I definitely see them the next day when I get back to the mac.

So what I would be looking for is a way to easily share those links and files (ideally via iOS share sheet) to something that then pops up on my mac as soon as there‘s something in the list. Basically something like a shared clipboard history but one that popspup on the mac as soon as it contains stuff.

I was hoping that Yoink (which I use on the Mac for years) would have some sync from the iOS app but there doesn‘t seem to be any connection to the desktop version. That would be ideal.

Is there anything you know of or can imagine putting together via some tools?

Thanks for helping in advance!


Pretty sure you could use Keyboard Maestro for that — have it watch a folder and show an alert, or just open the files, when you log onto your Mac or wake from sleep.

Edit: Yes, both “wake” and “login” are available as Keyboard Maestro triggers.

I’m not 100% sure about, e.g., opening every file in a particular folder, but I think it’s doable.

Yeah, the files would likely be easy to open and also to get them there from the share sheet via some dropbox or whatever, but unsure about the links.

For links, you could append or prepend them to a file on a cloud service — I use Drafts on iOS to append bits of text to various Dropbox files. Then KM could open them in a browser when the login/wake trigger runs.

Definitely more complicated, and may take a little Javascript (Drafts — though I vaguely remember there may now be a native Dropbox action) and/or AppleScript (Mac) to pull off.

EDIT: Or just use a service like to stash the links, then have your wake/login KM macro launch the pinboard page. If you tag them with a temporary tag — #readme — you could probably go straight to any bookmarks still bearing that tag. Just remember to delete or untag them when you’re done with them