Share a voice memo via a Shortcut

I’m a little stuck trying to implement an idea and I thought someone her eight be able to help :slight_smile:

I see the record audio option in making a shortcut and I’ve been thinking about a solution for a thing: sending voice memos to clients via a publicly shareable URL.

The workflow would look like: communication needs a voice memo/audio recording, record it either in shortcut, in Voice Memos, or in Ferrite or similar, upload it to a FTP server, there’s a resultant URL in the form of

Have you seen a shortcut like this I could gleam from, or any ideas on getting an audio file into a publicly accessible folder on a web server via a Shortcut? Hopefully without relying on an outside app, so I could share this with my team.

While there are third party apps that can really help here, if you have SSH access, then you could do it with just Shortcuts.

This shortcut let me SSH into a local Mac and place an audio recording on it. It then instructs the Mac to play the audio file (wrapped between saying start and stop to help confirm it is running the instructions and when you should hear the audio).

If you do need FTP specifically, then I would suggest looking at ShellFish as a helper app alongside Shortcuts.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! That’s really helpful :slight_smile: