SF Symbols Utility Shortcuts Updated for iOS 14

If you’d like to use Apple’s SF Symbols in your shortcuts, you may be interested in two shortcuts that I recently updated for iOS 14.

SF Symbols Utility

The purpose of this shortcut is to provide information about Apple SF Symbols. More information can be found at the Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Please note: If you have the Toolbox Pro iOS app installed and you have paid for the Premium in-app purchase, SF Symbols Utility will include graphic previews of the Apple SF Symbols.

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SF Symbol for vCard Menu

The purpose of this shortcut is to generate encoded photos suitable for shortcut vCard menus. All photos are based off one of the 1500+ Apple SF Symbols thanks to the Toolbox Pro Create Icon action.

To create a vCard menu, the encoded photo that this shortcut generates can be pasted into the location indicated below (in a Text action).

N;CHARSET=utf-8:Main Text For Item 1;;;;
ORG:Optional sub text for the 1st menu item;

Since the encoded photo is a very long string of text characters, it is more partical to paste the text into a Dictionary action Text value and then reference that dictionary value in Text action.

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