Setting multiple timers from Shortcuts

Short version: Has anybody used Shortcuts to set multiple timers? It sounded like MultiTimer would do what I want, but I can’t figure out how to set timers from Shortcuts.

Long version: I’ve started using NFC tags a lot more and am vacillating between setting Reminders and setting Timers from the Shortcuts driven by the tags. But to use timers, I have to be able to set multiple timers. I want to perform as little user input as possible, so driving from Shortcuts with set parameters is what I’m striving for. Reading the synopsis of MultiTimer, it clearly stated that it works with Shortcuts. I even ponied up for the paid version, thinking maybe that was a paid-only feature. Yeah, should’ve done my homework first, but I apparently cannot learn that lesson.

So what I’m looking for is anybody who has set multiple timers with any 3rd party app through Shortcuts and what they think of the app (making the rash assumption that something exists that can be driven by Shortcuts).

justtimers app works well, good shortcuts integration, and can name the timers through url scheme


Seconding JustTimers. The developer is working on better Shortcuts support with feedback from the community, but the support it already has makes my life a lot easier already!

Hi Rose
Can you tell us in detail how are you using Just Timers? Do you only use it to start the timer and wait for its alarm?