Setting a root folder? DocumentPicker.openFolder("//")

How can I set the server and folder root for the document picker’s open folder?

In this example, I already am connected to my samba server in the, and raid is a shared location to which I can manually navigate… can I do it automatically with Scriptable?


I don’t see any options in the documentation to default the document picker to a particular location.

A DIY option not utilising the document picker, using a file bookmark and File Manager may be an option to consider for now.

Can the bookmark be generated, dynamically?

I want to generate, and then open, a unique directory each time I execute. I can generate the directory, but I’m looking for a way to open it.

If you had a bookmark defined at a root level and you knew the additional path components (I assume you would as you know the ultimate path), then I think you should be able to use joinPath with the bookmark to point to a sub directory, and then listContents to get the files in the directory.

Then you would need to build a UI listing to enable you to select the file(s) you want to process