Set Request timeout

Is there a way to set a maximum wait time for a Request to complete? I’d like to set a request to timeout after 2 seconds of no response.

try out this: delay time in milliseconds

async function timeout() {
var delay = 5000;
var before =;
while ( < before + delay) {};
return true;
timeout().then( () => {
console.log(‘hello’); })

That looks like code for a time delay script rather than a way to specify a timeout on a system/network request.

Thanks for you reply @SvenK. As @sylumer mentioned that’s not quite what I’m after. This is the functionality I’m after which doesn’t seem to be currently supported.

let request = new Request('')

//request.load() will timeout the request after 1000ms and not continue waiting for a response.
request.timeout = 1000

let response = await request.load()

This looks like a feature request as there is nothing like this in Scriptable AFAIK.

@simonbs, could you please have a look and maybe implement a request timeout?

I’ve just added this for the next update. Note that the timeout interval will be measured in seconds.


This does not technically timeout the request but has the same effect.

const request = new Request('');
const result = await Promise.any([request.loadString(), wait(1000)]);

function wait(ms) {
    return new Promise((resolve) => Timer.schedule(ms, false, resolve));

@anyhotcountry this is great and does exactly what I was after. I think I’ll wait for the “official” timeout functionality to come out now though. But Thankyou!