Sending Photos to Chat GPT

Is there a way to start with iOS Shortcuts and send a photo over to Chat GPT using the API?

The end goal is that I want to take a picture of food, have ChatGPT estimate the calorie, fat, protein etc, and then send that data back to Siri Shortcuts so that I can record it, send it out to Charty, etc.

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Did you manage to figure this out?

I did not. The native app on iOS obviated a bit of the need for me but integrating Chat GPT into shortcut flows would be amazing.

You’ve just reminded me I had done this, but in Spanish. I’ve made a quick translation to English and published it in RoutineHub:

I’ve got the chatgpt app on my iPhone and am able to use it directly in a shortcut to send prompts and generate text, without an api key!

However, sending a photo doesn’t seem possible this way. Only various information about it, but not the image itself. Do you know a workaround for doing this which doesn’t need an api? Don’t have one

Unless they update the app to add that functionality, an API key is the only way.

I think it has to with selecting the right input

Can only choose these non-image options