Sending an image with text via WhatsApp using shortcuts

I am trying to automatically send text and the latest image in my album to a previously saved contact, but nothing seems to work. I did manage to send Text to a contact, the image is not being attached. Any ideas?

Looking at someone else’s phone (I don’t do Meta apps), I can see two What’s App actions. One that accepts media and one that accepts text. Judging by that, you would need to use both actions to send both content items to the same contact. Is that what your shortcut does?

You should consider sharing a link to a sanitised version of your shortcut. Trying to debug without seeing what you have done makes things many times harder.

ok, cool! Here is the link. When I run this, it prompts me to write a message which I try to avoid. let me know if the link is visible to you.

It looks like you are getting a photo, passing that to the action to send a photo via WhatsApp, and then passing the output from that (which according to the actions info is the input) to the send text via WhatsApp action, but you have set the last screenshot as the text to send (which I guess is overriding the passed in input). I would expect Shortcuts the default to the name of the last screenshot, but perhaps not. Maybe it can’t and that is why you are getting a prompt?

As I noted I don’t have WhatsApp, but try removing the last action and test that she nds the photo. If that works add the send message via WhatsApp action back and enter some text to send. Retest and see if you then get both the image and the text.

If that fails, try adding a “Nothing” action between the second and third actions to force the text sending action to ignore any passed in input.

ok, will try that and run some tests! ty for your time

How did you do that?