Sending a shortcut from iPhone to iPad to run

I made a shortcut that has me choose one of my shortcuts, and writes the name of that to a text file. It then triggers a Focus mode (that I titled Shortcuts).

I have my devices set to sync Focus mode status

My iPad is set to run an automation when it goes into the Shortcuts focus. That automation runs a shortcut that reads the name from that text file (synced via iCloud) and then Runs that shortcut. As a way to notify me it ran and what the result was, it adds a Reminder that’s due immediately. The title is the name of the shortcut that ran and the notes field has the shortcuts output. Finally it turns off the shortcuts Focus. The Reminder serves as a way to notify me it ran (yes i know about other notification options such as Puschcut or Pushover. I just don’t have them set now and I was trying to do this entirely natively.)

I don’t have a genuine use case for this. More I was just curious if I could get it to work and I had the time to kill.


This is pretty cool (albeit feels a bit Rube Goldberg like). Once case which I feel might be more effective is to instruct your phone (or other device) to do something when a shortcut is triggered from your watch.

One example I can think of is turning off the Bluetooth radio on the phone from the watch when trying to track a workout (such as hiking) where the phone’s use of the cell radio can actually result in big inaccuracies.

Thanks for sharing!

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