Sending a message to my wife

With my wife not having Twitter, I send her a lot of links from the app. I currently have a shortcut to help me cut down on the number of key strokes. However, I’ve noticed that I also send her pictures, screenshots, and text.

I can’t figure out a SC that would grab any of these sources, paste it into the message. Any thoughts?

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How about something like this?

It accepts data shared to it via the share sheet, and if nothing is shared pops up a menu asking if you want to share text, a photo or a screenshot, and then populates a message accordingly. The message action should be set to your desired contact, and it receives whatever has been passed in be it text based, image based, etc.

I also extended the shortcut with some other examples that may be useful such as contents of the clipboard, recording an audio message, selecting a video, and current location (address).

Hopefully that gives you a start on the sorts of things you want to do.