Send To Things Drafts Action Tags

I am working out how to use Drafts 5 with Things 3 and this handy action called Send to Things seems to be exactly what I need. The only problem is the tag function doesn’t seem to be working. I am not sure if this is something I am doing wrong (I have tried both new tags and exhibiting tags with no success). If someone can take a look at this and help me out I would appreciate it!

I haven’t dived into the script to see how it’s working, but just a quick look at it in the action directory includes the following lines:

// const projectPattern = /^# /g
// const subheadingPattern = /^## /g
// const checklistItemPattern = /^- /g
// const notePattern = /^> ?/g

// const listPattern = /^@ ?/g
// const tagPattern = /^#[^\s]|$ ?/g
// const whenPattern = /^: ?/g
// const deadlinePattern = /^! ?/g

All those lines are commented out (by the // at the beginning of each line). You might try removing the //s to see if that fixes things.

Hey, turns out it was a bug in the transform function for tags. I updated the action so now it works as expected.

Very perceptive @cpac! Those commented out lines are leftovers from an earlier attempt at building the script. The new codebase doesn’t use them but I kept them there in case the new regular expressions I was using didn’t work. At this point I don’t think I need them anymore, but that’s why they’re there.