Send out "On my way"/"I'm here" carpooling messages

Carpooling workflow

Parking fees in my city are quite high, so me and my girlfriend decided that I’ll be taking her to and from work (my office is outside the paid parking zone). To avoid sending out “on my way” messages by hand, I’ve set up a quick workflow…

Carpooling workflow:
After setting up your carpooling buddy’s phone number and fixed destination (e.g. office), you’ll be asked what kind of message do you want to send out:

  • On my way – calculates drive time taking into account current traffic conditions
  • I’m here – so they don’t need to wait outside when it’s raining/snowing

Further improvements
Skipping the initial question by automatic determination of current location (and therefore travel time) to prepare proper message contents (if travel time < 2min, send out “I’m here” message).