Send OmniFocus task

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share a simple shortcut with you all.

One of the areas that I feel Omnifocus falls down is the fact that projects or certain task lists can’t be shared with other users. For example I run a small business and will often need to add a task to my wife’s Omnifocus for her to action.

I can do this via her OmniFocus mail drop, but it just turns up in her inbox with no notification to her that a new task had been added.

This simple shortcut adds a task to her inbox and send her an SMS notification.

You could take this a step further if you have multiple people you want to assign tasks to by using a menu system and/dictionary.




This is pretty awesome timing, because I actually have a flagged task in my Omnifocus called “Create a shortcut to assign projects to (my son)” - thank you!

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