Send message to Telegram bot

I’ve made some hardware at home and I want to trigger it after I come home.
So I made a simple Telegram bot, which receives “/on” command, and everything works fine, but I want to bind automation from Shortcuts App to send the command for me.
The Telegram could be used in Shortcuts, but it can send message only to specific people from my contacts and non of them is my bot.
How can I solve this?

Ok I see it is unclear why (thnx @VictorBjorklund). The project is made for door automation and the best way to share functions with my friends is to use Telegram, because I don’t need to make any sophisticated tweaks on others devices.
For myself I want something better, like magic.
And yes, I need to send message directly to my bot (aka conversations with). For example : /on, /off and /status etc.
Maybe I need to skip Telegram altogether and i’ve tried a Blynk backend and it has an api which I successfully used, but not from Shortcuts automation. It does not make any URL requests! Do I need to tap when Shortcuts automation occurs?

Not sure how Telegram bots work, but can you make a contact with your bot’s details?

Otherwise I expect there’s an API you could use by calling a URL via shortcuts.

A bit unclear. Do you want 1) to send a message from shortcuts to your telegram conv with the bot or 2) do you want to start the process that telegram bot starts with shortcuts (instead of sending a message with telegram you use shortcuts)?

If 1) then just use Get contents of url and change to post. Then you can post messages FROM your telegram bot.

If 2) then skip telegram al together and just trigger the automation directly without telegram.