Send message error

I seem to have a peculiar problem on automation

when I run the current weather and I say send the information to a phone number on WhatsApp,

The response I am getting is that it is not registered on iMessage which is an error somewhere because I have set it as send message using WhatsApp

I have not enabled any password on WhatsApp so it should go as a WhatsApp message

The automation, however, works when I send it to another iOS number, using WhatsApp

It is as if the WhatsApp message is defaulting to a normal message

I am enclosing screenshot of the error

I am using iOS version 17.3

The shortcuts app is not linking to WhatsApp for sure checked after restarting also I was thinking I will do a reset if there is an issue

Please help

Try using “Send Message via WhatsApp” to send via WhatsApp rather than iMessage to snd via WhatsApp. You are explicitly telling the Shortcut what to use, not default g to what you have set for a contact.

I’ve seen this error before too and it’s a nightmare trying to deal with WhatsApp support.

My situation was different as I was telling the action to use a text action as the recipient’s number. When selection bc a valid WhatsApp contact in the action directly, it worked for me.

Does your contact have the exact number as it appears in whatsapp?

It was working fine earlier but suddenly it’s stopped.
Yes the name has a WhatsApp number and I select it using the WhatsApp option.

I can’t figure out how to send the shortcut result via WhatsApp except in the option when I say send result and then you have the WhatsApp icon and the names listed.

The other option is send message by WhatsApp
When I select that it asks what

Hmm, the “Send Message via WhatsApp” doesn’t seem to be pulling an input. You can see the lack of a joining line in your screenshot, and I have confirmed it locally.

“Send Message” from the WhatsApp App does pull text in … but it might go as an attachment rather than message text. You would have to try it.

I am not a WhatsApp user (I don’t see eye-to-eye with Meta business practices, so I choose not to use them), so I won’t test it myself.

It was there before and suddenly all my shortcuts are falling apart probably because I am on beta ios 17.3. Can that be a reason ?

That is where the problem is when I send a message using the WhatsApp app. It comes up with an error saying the number is not registered on iMessage so there seems to be some linkage error or some problem somewhere. Maybe it will work out in a day or two because probably must be due to the beta.

I’ve tried everything so eventually, had to settle on getting everything on my message rather than through WhatsApp

I tried and it was still broken , received a new update from Apple today so it might be back , haven’t checked but will post as soon as I try tomorrow or later this week