Send Later… keyboard shortcut for

Now that we finally have delayed send, I’d like to set up a keyboard shortcut (prefer to just override cmd-shift-d) for “Send Later…”. I tried setting up a keyboard shortcut in System Settings/Keyboard/Keyboard Shortcuts…/App Shortcuts (tangent: Why is that buried so damn deep!) for both Send Later... and Send Later… (three periods v. ellipsis), but neither worked.

I know that typically you can only assign keyboard shortcuts to stuff that’s in the menu bar but allows me to assign keyboard shortcuts to Signatures even though those only show up in the editing window so I was hopeful.

Is there something I’m missing here? How can I pull this trick off with just stock install? If that’s not possible can I pull this off with some combination of AppleScript/Karbiner/Raycast/Hammerspoon?

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There’s a couple of options with keyboard maestro:

Personally I’d recommend the second one (because it’s mine!)