Send hotkey to specified app

Hi all.
Happy and faithful listener from Denmark here.
I’m doing a lot of online training and I’ve started to set up a stream deck with many Keyboard Maestro triggers, but one is not working as I want.
I need to send a hotkey (shift+⌘+m) to mute and unmute Webex while in full screen Keynote.
If I activate with Apple Script or use the “select menu” in Keyboard Maesto, Keynote exits pres mode, even if only for a short time.
In Better Touch tool you can send a command to a specific application and that works.
Anyone know if this can be done in KM?
Can’t switch meeting tool, so don’t suggest using Zoom of Teams instead :smiley:

Thanks all

You should just be able to use the send to option as per the docs.

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Perfect. That’s exactly what I need. Thank you :+1:t3: