Send an SMS to my wife when my iPhone connects to car Bluetooth and I’m not at home


Sorry if there’s a way to do this, but can’t see how to share automations from shortcuts.

The idea is when my phone connects to car Bluetooth and I am not at home I’d like to send my wife an iMessage with my travel time.

The trick is checking lat and long of current location to 2 decimal places which is about 1 mile.

Any thoughts on improvements? I’d there a way to do AND conditions in If statements?

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The point with this “automation” is that it won’t be fully automated. When your phone connects to the Bluetooth device selected shortcuts will prompt you to run the shortcut. Regarding to your other questions…

  • Automation’s can’t be shared therefore it would be best if you made a shortcut with all the actions needed and place a “run shortcut” action in the automation. When asking for help it’s easier to share the shortcut.

  • There isn’t a AND condition in shortcuts however you could use as many IF’s as you like. This can be done in two ways. Nested IF’s but when exceeding a certain number that can look messy. The way i prefer is setting the condition which needs to be met as variable and place IF’s referring to that variable.

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I like being able to confirm to run it. As I don’t always want to send the text to my wife. I get in the car - it prompts to run, and then I can say yes.

So it’s working as I like just wanted to share it with everyone. I like the idea of abstracting it out into a shortcut though. Will do that and then share.

Great to hear, looking forward to the shared shortcut.

@phils Hey. How did you finally get this to work for you?