Send an automatic message

Is there any way whereby I can send a message to my wife once I arrive at office. All in the background.

Keyboard Maestro in concert with AppleScript should be able to do this

Can you point me to any sample script which will help me get a start.

Sure, use keyboard maestro to trigger the scrpit when connecting to your work network.
Find script here: How to send a Text Message with AppleScript

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In Shortcuts, an automation can be triggered when you arrive in a location. One of the actions can be to send a message. So you should be able to set up a simple Shortcuts automation on you iPhone.

Unfortunately, only a Shortcut notification can be triggered for a location – the Shortcut will only run when the notification is tapped.

To make it fully automatic, Pushcut will work. A subscription to Pushcut Pro will be needed and a spare i*OS device that can be left unlocked running the Pushcut Server app in the foreground. This server device can be left at home, connected to wifi.

? But, pushcut also need confirmation? (Tapping button) Or i missing something?

From the Pushcut documentation: