Select All Text on Webpage

Is there a way to get all text from a webpage and keep the rich text formatting? I’ve tried using the ‘Make Rich Text From HTML’ and some other text actions and can’t keep the original format. HTML code is still left as well. I want the HTML stripped out, keep the paragraphs and headings. Is this not possible? I think I may have had too much fun this weekend and my brain isn’t ready to get back to work yet.

Are you trying to snapshot the web page (in which case save to PDF is your friend), simplify the formatting (maybe like this), or something else?

I had created a workflow just like that (thanks for the example though! :grinning:) and several other ways and they didn’t capture any of the text on the page, it needed to login to AirTable’s website to show the text regarding the APIs, even though that’s what I had done in Safari.

I was able to do it with Bear’s extension though eventually. I never knew there were several options there. It worked out but I don’t plan to keep Bear after the annual subscription ends so I need to figure out another way.

Sorry, I still don’t really get what it is you are trying to do and as a result, what it is that you are having trouble doing exactly.

Is it a perfect page snapshot you want or a simplified version?

What pages/URLs have you tried capturing using ‘similar methods’ where it is returning nothing at all, and what exactly were those methods; sometimes with similar things, one works and one does not?

Sorry for the late reply. This is the link I was trying to get but you have to sign in first to view it.

I believe authentication is the issue but don’t know how to work around it.

If authentication is the issue (I just get page not found for that link even when logged in on Airtable’s site), try viewing it in Safari, and then using the Get details of Safari web page action when sharing from the share sheet. I do this to work with some weekly content on a membership based web site that requires authentication to access it,

See if that approach gets you any further, but that link really doesn’t work for me and I still haven’t got the gist of what you want to get exactly at the other end. But that being said, first thing’s first … finding the right place to start.


I will try that out later tonight. Thanks for the suggestion!