Seeking Utility to Quickly Disable Camera on macOS

Title: Seeking Utility to Quickly Disable Camera on macOS

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a reliable application or utility that can quickly disable the camera on my macOS. Ideally, something that’s easy to install and use. I prefer Raycast extensions or other tools available for this purpose. Does anyone have recommendations for such a tool that can swiftly turn off the camera or video on a Mac? Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

I’ve only seen that managed by the macOS permissions layer and UI, so I’m not sure the OS would allow a direct modification of that.

You might be able tackle it like this with Keyboard Maestro.

Typically automations will focus on toggling a camera within a particular application.

You might get some mileage out of using any virtual camera utility as a default camera, but there’s always a chance it could terminate and a physical camera would become the default …

Another option of course is a physical cover.

Hope that helps.