Seeking notification on phone when watch battery goes to 100%

I’ve noticed that Apple has changed to send a notification to the phone when your Apple Watch is fully charged, though I don’t think it’s doing any audible alert. I know with iOS 14 and the new personal automations you can do with battery levels work great for the phone and iPad, but you can’t seem to set any type of shortcut to be triggered when the watch battery gets fully charged.

My typical problem is, when the watch is fully charged, I don’t see or hear a notification that I can go grab it and put it back on.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this? It doesn’t appear that you can run any type of a battery check on the watch that’s connected to your phone, so even with Pushcuts or something similar, I don’t yet know how I could get this to more audibly notify me.

It doesn’t really do what you are looking for, but as a workaround I use a Shortcut run from my watch to set a persistent notification in Due.

Watch Charge Timer

The Shortcut presents a list of times (30, 60, 90 & 120 which can be changed or added to etc) for the time to let the Watch charge. I know roughly how long the charge will take depending on the current watch charge. I run the Shortcut on my Watch and then put it on to charge. After the set time, the notification goes off on the phone and I check the charge level/look for the 100% battery notification. If it is not yet fully charged, the notification will go off again in 5 minutes. I only complete the notification once I remove the Watch from the charger.

You can also modify the Choose from List section to an Ask for Input with a numerical input (no decimal places and no negatives), but the list is simpler and quicker.

Not ideal, but it works for me.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the idea. It’s always great to see more functions added, even if they’re not 100% what we might want.