Seeking guidance for large family video project

Cross posting this from original post over at MacPower Users in case there are others here that might have some advice. Thanks — jay

MPU Post:

Reaching out to this group for general advice on what will be a large video editing project for me. I am a photo guy, not video!

I have a few hundred 9 minute .MOV files that came from a conversion of Hi8 tapes many years ago. I would like to consolidate all of the files and trim segments to get some family highlights.

Any general recommendations on both the best software(s) and approach for combining all of the files and then editing to create highlights? There is a lot of boring video that I would like to trim out.

Welcome to any suggestions. Relatively speaking, I’ve done very little video work. A few basic small iMovie projects and a few in ScreenFlow. I’ve never done anything on a scale with this many files. Thanks in advance for any tips, tricks and suggestions!! – jay

(btw, I have 70,000+ photo Lightroom (Classic) library. I’m assuming I will create a separate catalog for my DAM solution for the videos. I would like to be able to tag and group)

@jayelevy have you had a look at this software?

If you have a setapp subscription, the pro version would be included there.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look at it in more detail, but it looks like it might be something useful after I’ve edited down all of the video. It is that step that is most overwhelming to me. I began to work on this last night based on some of the recommendations in the MPU thread. Logical recommendations to try using iMovie as the primary editing location.

From a capacity/performance perspective, seems iMovie will work fine for my needs. But, wow, the edit process sure is tedious. I guess as I get more facile with keyboard commands for selecting, trimming, etc it will go faster. But, last night’s work was certainly demotivating knowing how much video I have to go through!! I’m remembering why I’ve never wanted to tackle this project. 😵‍💫