Seeking free public API for local (United States) allergen information

I’m seeking a source for local allergen data (pollen counts, etc). Any recommendations?

I realize there is an example in the Scriptable gallery using That data source does not seem to have the data of interest to me.


What kind of information do you need? You don’t really need a API. You can get data in scriptable from any site. So you could get the content of this page ( and then using Regex extract the relevant data. I tried doing it but gave up because regex haha

Good suggestion, though my RegEx skill = ^$

I’ll go fiddle with this to see if I can make something work (btw, to answer your question, this is the exact data of interest)

Thanks! — jay

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Well, using a sledgehammer and ToolBox Pro here is an extremely crude (and brittle) method to get to the core data. I’m sure there are far more elegant ways to get to this, but this may work for my needs. Thanks for the nudge.

Thanks to the great support of Reddit user mvan231,my problem is solved. Posting here in case others have similar needs.

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