"Seeking an Android Tablet with Apple Pencil-like Compatibility and Keyboard Maestro like Support"

My dear friend, I’m seeking an Android tablet with Apple Pencil-like compatibility. Moreover, I desire the tablet to support software such as Keyboard Maestro, which would allow me to control the tablet using a keyboard and simulate mouse clicks on different parts of the screen.

I would like a Chevrolet with Porsche-quality performance, Volvo-level safety, and a Tesla-quality UI allowing access to to tons of tech features. Preferably under $50,000.


As @rkaplan has so eloquently noted, you’ll be seeking for a long time.

If these are hard requirements, then you are probably out of luck. But if you can reframe your problem without specifying hardware you may be better off. For example, if you need a touch screen device with automation support, perhaps a Microsoft Surface would be a suitable device. But only you can determine that.

HtH …

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