Seeking advice on a new ZWave hub!

Long story short- after a dozen years or so, my SmartThings hub has died :headstone:

I was running it through HomeBridge to enable HomeKit control of about 20 Z-Wave light switches, dimmers, and fan controllers.

I don’t want to replace it with another SmartThings hub, and I’d rather find something more native (the only reason I keep HomeBridge running these days is to bridge SmartThings)

I’ve been looking at Hubitat Elevation C8, which seems to be the only ZWave hub with native HomeKit?

Are there any other options out there?

Im also looking at switching everything to the much better Lutron Caseta, but with 20+ switches to swap out, that’s a costly endeavor.

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I have a similar setup to you but my legacy SmartThings hub still works. Been thinking of adding/transitioning to Hubitat. Home Assistant is another option. Please let us know how it goes.

Ordered a Hubitat C-8 Pro. It arrives tomorrow, and we’ll see how setup goes

Nabu Casa has big plans for Z-Wave coming in a future update of Home Asssitant. It already supports Z-Wave, but this should get things going well. I’m hoping it will allow me to be able to connect my Home Assistant Yellow to my ADT security panel so I can see all my ADT sensors’ states.