Seattle Meetup: January 19th 2019


Hi all!

@MacSparky and I will both be attending PodCon next year, and as we’re both be in one place, podcast nerding out, it seemed like an excellent excuse for a meet up!

Neither of us are from Seattle, or know Seattle at all, so if you have a suggestion for a location please do tell us. We’re looking at Saturday evening, we’re not planning on doing a live show and would love to hang out with some listeners. I can promise there will be stickers!

There will be more detailed information closer to the time, so watch this thread!

If you want to come please sign up here:

It’s from 7pm on January 19th.



Shoot. Can I get you to come a bit closer, guys? Say, Minneapolis, MN or, better yet come directly to Fargo, ND?


I have the geographical advantage. In a few hundred years, plate tectonics will make it so that San Jose and Seattle are Neighbors


Important update! We have chosen a location, Optimism Brewing:


Great choice - looking forward to it. :grinning: