Search two sites for price comparison?

Hi, how can I search two sites for price comparison? So, I would enter the book title in the search box of both pages (Amazon and Thrift Books). I have keyboard maestro, Workflow, and Automator. Thanks!

Check what happens to the search term and the URL when you submit a search.

Does the resulting URL include the search term? (Possibly “escaped”, with for example %20 in place of spaces.)

If so, your job is straightforward: In KM for example you would get the search term from the user, escape it, and insert it into the right spot in the base URL for each search, then open those URLs in the browser of your choice.

If the search terms aren’t in the url, it’s more challenging, and you’ll have to construct a POST query. But my guess is that this isn’t necessary.

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Here is a Keyboard Maestro macro that I use to search across multiple shopping websites, should be easy to adapt for your preferred sites.

I use similar macros to search for videos & images.

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Both of your suggestions were invaluable! Saved so much time searching for school books for my children. Thank you.

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