Scripts on a schedule?

Today’s release notes start with this intriguing item:

New: The new rich notification composer lets you easily create notifications to run your scripts on a schedule. There’s a lot parameters for tweaking your notification including title, body, sound and the buttons to display in the notification. Access the rich notification composer from settings and script settings.

I’m not quite sure if this means we can create repeating actions, but it would be fantastic if we could. Like launchd for repeating scripts but on iOS.

So I’d love to see an example or two of this!

You can schedule notifications to be displayed, which you can then use to run a script. Just like Launch Center Pro, you have to manually interact with the notification to trigger the action.

The scheduler is in effect a UI for the underlying notification functionality.


would Cronios enable Scribtable scripts to run on a schedule without interaction?

It would have to use a shortcut to trigger the Scriptable script, but on that basis, yes; assuming the Scriptable script did not require manual interaction to complete.