Scripts not visible in How can they be backed up?

The description at the top of the forum says:

All scripts are stored as files and can be accessed using

I’m looking for a way to automate iOS and synchronize scripts/Shortcuts across devices with open-standard protocols, e.g. backup to NAS, or pull/push to github via another app + local file provider.

How can Scriptable be used without iCloud?

If you have iCloud enabled for Scriptable, then the scripts should be in the Scriptable folder in your iCloud. If you don’t have that enabled, then the scripts are stored in the documents folder inside the app and can only be accessed from within the app. If you want to back them up, you need to do it with a script from within Scriptable (in case of the second case).

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I keep mine in iCloud so they sync between my iPad and iPhone. Do they not show up in “//On My iPad/Scriptable/” (or On My iPhone), in the Files app, when not set to use iCloud?

As far as I’ve understood it, no. The corresponding sentence stating that it is accessible through the files app when iCloud is disable was removed from the documentation a few months ago. So I concluded it to be as I’ve described it. I haven’t tested it though.

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Documents Folder for in hiden for user . I do not know how to make it folder visible but this folder shared into into Documents/Inbox . Download a-shell in AppStore and copy into you created script into . use shell comands for it into .

to make the documents folder visible which belong to, run the command “mkdir” that comand created othe folder in documents but folder Documents/Inbox hidden into copy into that folder you script move you script in other folder and you see you script into

I came to find out how it happens , how that folder becomes visible into other app . send me sms messeng +79996096650 , who know it and how run that scripts into